Past Events

Our most recent event was our informal drinks on Thursday 14th of October 2015 at Balls Brothers, Hays Galleria, London Bridge.  We were delighted to have so many graduates of recent years and a number of first timers to QUAL for what turned out to be a great evening’s fun.  We look forward to welcoming you all to our annual dinner on Weds 11 November at the Royal Thames Yacht Club (details on our Home page). For those of you that couldn’t make it and for those of you that did and want to refresh your memory please see photos below. Our photographer was out on industrial action for the evening so apologies for the pictures not being up to the usual finish!

Gary McDowell, Gerard McKeown, Tijana Vukievic, Kristiina Kriise
Cormac Bradley, Darren Gibson
Gary McDowell, Karen Stapleton, Tijana Vukievic, Kristiina Kriise
Suzanne Allen, Eileen Donaghey, Julie Jamieson
Eileen Donaghey, Graeme Lyness, Darren Gibson, Edmund McCann, Niamh O’Hare, Verity Chynoweth
Graeme Lyness, Edmund McCann, Darren Gibson

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