Tickets for Juno and the Paycock at the National Theatre this Wednesday (22nd Feb) still available

Meeting beforehand at 6:30 for the show at 7:30, tickets are £26 and you can pay Stephanie either by cheque or cash on the night, to confirm please email

Juno and the Paycock

by Sean O’Casey

A co-production with the Abbey Theatre, Ireland

‘Searing, sobering, devastating and beautiful.’ Sunday Independent

‘It’s hard to imagine a richer embodiment of’ O’Casey’s vision.’ Irish Mail on Sunday

‘Ciaran Hinds makes for a terrific Captain Boyle.’ Irish Examiner

‘Sinéad Cusack was stunningly effective.’ Irish Mail on Sunday

‘Intensely moving.’ Sunday Independent

‘First-class, Howard Davies’ direction is spot on.’ Irish Examiner

‘Very funny without losing the sense of tragedy.’ Irish Independent

Jack Boyle is out of work and determined to stay that way. He postures and drinks with his sidekick Joxer while the long-suffering Juno balances threats with cajolement to preserve the semblance of family in a squalid tenement flat. Their son Johnny, crippled fighting for the IRA, cowers indoors, terrified of reprisal; his sister Mary has joined the labour movement and is on strike.

Sudden news of an inheritance provokes dreams of escape but, even before their rowdy celebrations are done, reality asserts itself as a neighbour’s corpse is carried down the stairs – another victim of the bitter civil war. Mary falls for an educated man as the loans stack up. Tragedy ensues.

One of the great plays of the twentieth century, Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock offers a devastating portrait of wasted potential in a Dublin torn apart by the chaos of the Irish Civil War, 1922.

Blessed Virgin, where were you when me darlin’ son was riddled with bullets? Sacred Heart o’ Jesus, take away our hearts o’ stone, and give us hearts o’ flesh! Take away this murdherin’ hate, an’ give us Thine own eternal love!

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